A school lunch programme to improve the education, health and life chances of Ugandan children
Beans Means Brains is a project run by Sustainable Communities Network (UK) Charity No. 1109945
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Thanks for taking an interest in Beans Means Brains, a small and very effective project which provides school meals for primary and secondary school children living in poverty in rural Uganda.

We are not unique - there are other projects which provide school meals too, though not in this part of Uganda.  However, because we are small, with no overheads (i.e. no paid staff, expensive offices or expenses claims) we are able to make the biggest difference for the smallest amount of money.

A Beans Means Brains school meal costs just

12 pence per child per day

 Other, bigger, charities are doing the same at a cost of 35 pence a day.  That still sounds great, especially compared to a school lunch in the UK, but it is three times the cost of a Beans Means Brains school meal.

Close contact with the staff at Buhumba means that  Beans Means Brains supporters can be assured that every penny donated will be used directly to feed a child.  We desperately need your help at present as Uganda is experiencing drought conditions.

Read on - we hope you’ll be inspired to help!
This little lad’s face says it all - delighted to have had lunch!
Sunday, August 5, 2012
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